About Keene Day Care Center

As you walk through the front door of the Keene Day Care Center, the first thing you notice is the sounds; the sounds of children doing what children do best – exploring, discovering, moving, questioning, discussing, and interacting.  You hear the laughter, and sense the warmth and caring.  You realize that you are entering a special place.

Keene Day Care Center children are “learning to play and playing to learn” – a reflection of what current research indicates about young children and brain development and the assimilation of new information.  It implies a child-centered curriculum rich with the magic and wonder of figuring out how things work.  It lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Two year old Jonathan has chosen a simple 5 piece “tools” puzzle to play with.  He picks up the piece shaped like a hammer.  He knows exactly what to do.  Bang, bang, bang!  He smiles with the satisfaction of creating a loud noise.  This catches the attention of two of his friends, and together they team up to create their own special puzzle-piece orchestra.
Isn’t it interesting how such a seemingly simple activity can be so full of complex social, cognitive, sensory, and physical learning experiences?

Keene Day Care Center is proud to be 43 years old, and continues to find ways to enhance the services provided.  Efforts are underway to create a nature classroom area.  This will include gardening, large outdoor drums and other instruments for music and movement, nature art, natural building materials, and a trail through the woods.  The emphasis will be on creating lasting connections to the natural world.  Why is this important?  Consider that today’s children are becoming increasingly “plugged in” and therefore distanced from the outside world.  And yet nature has the very powers to stimulate, nourish, and heal.

For the 90 children enrolled, Keene Day Care Center is a fun place to be.  For the parents of these children, it is the peace of mind that allows them to be part of a productive workforce in the community.  That peace of mind is even more valuable given the current economic climate.